Saturday, September 6, 2008

He's gone already

It seemed like a very short holiday, but really, Cyril was here for 10 days! After he arrived from the airport, he and Guillaume went to Newbury Street for something to eat.

Unfortunately, Guillaume started his new job two days after Cyril arrived. He thought he wouldn't start until September 8, but they asked him to come in early. Of course, he did - this was a great opportunity for him that he couldn't say no to.

But, before he started work, there was still all day Sunday! They went to Harvard, of course.

And Cyril saw a squirrel. Why do the French like squirrels so much? Everyone takes pictures of them.

One evening they went to the Hard Rock Cafe. Maybe Guillaume looks a little like a nerd. Isn't he cute??

Cyril visited museums, walked around the city, became a guitar expert with his Rock Band. He went on his own to the Cape, and to the Plymouth Plantation.

He rented a car. He wanted a small car. This is the car he ended up with.

They went to the Capitol Grille to give Cyril the Best Steak! They had lovely wine, and a delicious dinner. Angela and Guillaume both had the lobster bisque, and it was as good as ever.

One special evening was August 28, Cyril's birthday. (It also happens to be Angela's father's birthday!) The birthday boy:

They went to a restaurant called La Voile. Angela & Guillaume had gone there a few months ago... perhaps where they picked up the name for the other La Voile, the Vespa!

They had a very nice dinner. Angela had the blanquette de veau - it was not as good as Guy's blanquette de veau, of course! But it was very good.

On the Labor Day weekend, the boys went to Montreal. They left early Sunday morning, and came home on Monday night. (Angela may have been bored by herself, but she would never tell the boys that.)

Is this in Paris? Mais, non! Although this looks just a little like Notre Dame, it is not.

They also went to a race track, where they were allowed to drive the car around.

For Cyril's final evening, they went to... PETIT ROBERT for dinner, bien sur! It was such a nice night, and they talked and ate and drank for hours.

Is that the Eiffel Tower in the background?

Guillaume and Cyril said goodbye when he left to go to work on Wednesday morning. Angela came home from work early on Wednesday, and drove Cyril to the airport. She was sad to see him go, but she thinks and hopes he will return a tres bientot.

Guillaume is enjoying his new job so much. On Monday, he will meet the people that he will work with every day, and he will like that. Angela will enjoy hearing about it. They will both like when he goes back to a bartender's schedule. However, Angela is very happy that he finally knows what it feels like to work a 9:00-6:00 day! Now he understands why she "relaxes on the couch" (or doesn't do much) when she comes home at night!

In French news, Cyrielle arrives at home today!!