Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Weekends

Monday was Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. It has been a long, cold winter, so Angela & Guillaume are very happy that summer is finally here. The weather was beautiful, all the windows in the apartment were open, and a warm breeze drifted through.

On Sunday, they drove to Cape Cod to visit Aunt Andrea & Uncle Karl. First, they went to the dry cleaner to drop off Guillaume's suit for work. The shop was closed. So they got back into the car and hit the road.

To start, there was no traffic. On holiday weekends in the summertime, traffic is usually very heavy. Not on Sunday!

Whoops! Spoke too soon. As soon as they got close to the Cape:

...there was traffic.

But look here - even the motorcycles are stuck in traffic. Not like in France where they are crazy!

Finally, they arrived!

They went out back by the pool, and found Aunt Andrea, Uncle Karl, Cousin Pam and her husband Brian, and their two little girls...

And of course Andrew was there!

And of course there was a lot of food: hamburgers! hotdogs, salads, desserts, wine, beer, and some champagne for an early celebration of Angela & Guillaume's one year anniversary!

Shortly before sunset, Angela and Guillaume left the house to go back to Bone Hill Beach, where once again, it was a warm summer evening!

They drove home on Sunday night. Then on Monday, they went to Aunt Vas and Uncle Sal's house, where they had more food and fun! Pictures and stories soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Flying in the Toilet

Angela saw this on the news the other day:

She doesn't think his friend will let him fly "GP" anymore! (She also thinks that the jump seat wasn't so bad.)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wild Wild West

Angela and Guillaume are heading to the Wild Wild West!

For Angela's birthday and their one-year anniversary, they decided to take a vacation. They are flying to Las Vegas on June 15. They will stay one night in Vegas, and then will rent a car. They are renting a sport utility vehicle (or an SUV as the Americans call it)!

They will tour the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park!

They're very excited for their road trip!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What A Year!

It has been one year and 5 days since Guillaume moved to Boston.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Greek Easter

Well, it wouldn't be a holiday in Boston if someone couldn't make it to dinner. This time, it was Helen. She was sick, so on Easter morning, Angela & Guillaume stopped by her house in Lexington to pick up her homemade Easter bread, and a dessert.

At around 1:00, they arrived at Vas & Sal's house to find Andrew already there. They brought foie gras, baguettes, wines, and walked into a house that smelled delicious! They peeked into the oven to see the lamb cooking.

Shortly after, Vas and Sal's British friends, Henry and June, arrived. Then, all the boys took a walk in the woods behind the house.
The girls hung out and prepared some food (or had some wine).

Guillaume prepared the foie gras and gave Angela the hard task of cutting and toasting the baguettes. Her arm was tired. But the foie gras was a hit. Thank goodness they brought so much back from France!

Guillaume and Angela were happy to be together on Easter.

There is a Greek tradition with Easter eggs. Everyone chooses an egg, and each person knocks eggs against the person next to them. The goal is to be the "last one standing" with a non-broken-egg, which brings good luck for the year.

Andrew won. Andrew ALWAYS wins.

Vas and Sal always have a "seasonal" table. This time, of course, decorated for Easter. Isn't it pretty with the pinks and purples?

And even though Helen wasn't here, she was in their hearts and on their table... just like Guillaume for Thanksgiving!

For dessert, there was baklava, Helen's Easter bread, a lemon pie, and coffee. (Not Nespresso - George Clooney would be disappointed.)

After hours of eating and chit chatting, Andrew, Angela and Guillaume left, because they all had to work early the next morning. It was a very nice Easter, and Angela and Guillaume were very happy that they were able to spend both Easters with both families. What a treat!