Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Been Such A Long Time

Angela & Guillaume are sorry that it is taking so long to put something new on the blog!

After Cyril left, Angela had a little emergency. A doctor took one of her kidneys! She is fine now, back to work, and off treatment.

Shortly before Angela went back to work, Claudia and Cyrielle came for a visit. Claudia's trip was very quick! They arrived on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, Guillaume had to work on Saturday night. So the girls stayed in and had some pasta and chit chatted, and went to bed.

Guillaume did not have to work on Sunday, so they went leaf-peeping! They were much more successful than last year when they went with Helen.

They stopped at a farm to look at the pumpkins, and to eat some food. (This is not them in the picture!)

There was a little stream next to the picnic tables, and it was a very pretty area.

There was an area full of pumpkins that Claudia was interested in.

And Cyrielle found it too...

After leaf-peeping and lunch, they went to Helen's for coffee and cakes. Helen had made some cakes and cookies for an art exhibit the day before. Lucky them! After coffee, Guillaume and Cyrielle went to the wine shop very close to Helen's house, while Claudia and Angela helped Helen clear the dishes. Everyone met at the wine shop, and then went to see Helen's art exhibit in a town close by. She had about 15 paintings on display.

On Monday, Claudia left because she had to go back to work. Guillaume had to work, too. Cyrielle and Angela enjoyed not working.

On Wednesday, the three of them went to Salem, Massachusetts, home to the infamous witch trials in 1692. Their first stop was The House of the Seven Gables. (A gable is a peak on top of the house.) Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote a book about this house. They took a guided tour inside, and even climbed up a secret staircase inside the chimney! Once they were at the top of the secret staircase, one of the guests on the tour argued with the guide about how many gables there actually are on the house. Guillaume made Angela keep quiet because he could see she was getting annoyed!

They made it out of the house without incident!

Maybe Angela has watched the movie "Titanic" too many times...

After they got off the "boat", they went to the WORST "museum" in history. Ever. The Witch History Museum was full of wax figures from the 1970s, and hasn't been updated since then. They could not get out of there fast enough!

After Angela's meeting that evening, they went to No. 9 Park, a very nice restaurant on the other side of Beacon Hill, just across from the State House. They had the chef's tasting menu, and some nice wine. By the end, Angela couldn't eat her food because she was so full. Angela took a taxi home, and Guillaume & Cyrielle walked.

Guillaume had to work also on Thursday and Friday. On Friday night, they all went to a French restaurant in the Colonnade Hotel, named Brasserie Jo. It was very nice, although Angela would get something other than the coq au vin next time.

On Saturday, Guillaume and Cyrielle took the Vespa into Cambridge so she could buy some things at the Harvard Coop. The Regatta was also taking place that weekend. It was a very busy day in Cambridge and along the river. There were many little stands for different fun things, including this!

At the last minute, Cyrielle decided to stay one more day so that we could visit with Vas & Sal. They were very happy to have her to their house, and she was happy to be there. We had a very nice time and left with full bellies!

Cyrielle left on Monday, and Angela & Guillaume went back to work. Guillaume got home early enough to take Cyrielle to the airport. When Angela got home, she found a prize from Cyrielle - a great t-shirt with Barack Obama on it. She wore it today! And on November 4th, hopefully she can wear it in victory...