Monday, December 7, 2009

Le Sapin

Today was a busy day. Guillaume left the house to get the Christmas tree!

He brought it home and threw it on the floor, and left again to get the preparations for crepes, for tonight! Hooray!

Now the tree is decorated, and Angela is waiting (im)patiently to have her Christmas decorating tradition crepes.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow & A Birthday!

Last night Angela picked up Guillaume after work because the first snow fell during the evening, and he couldn't scoot around on La Voile. The seasonal lights are up on Commonwealth Ave, and it was so pretty with the snow.

And now it's time for spring!

And Happy Birthday Mom!

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Stuff

Angela & Guillaume's apartment is finally getting some new (and very needed!) furniture. Everything that they like has been on back-order, but some things arrived just this week.

The lamp that Angela's mother gave to them finally has a permanent home on the new Mandarin Sideboard. It's a beautiful piece of furniture, and it holds a lot of stuff in it, too.

Guillaume has his new desk! He had some work to do, first.

But after a little struggle, and lots of moving pieces... It is all together, and looks so nice with the new rug.

And the wait for the couch continues. Hopefully it will be here by Thanksgiving, so the Rousseaus can see it live!

Gros bisous

Friday, October 2, 2009

New furniture

Guillaume and Angela are awaiting some new furniture, and some refurbished lamps.

So first, Angela's mother gave them 3 lamps (and almost a 4th, but we're still waiting for that one...). They took them to a beautiful lighting shop, and got some new lamp shades. Two of the lamps need to be fixed a little bit, but they did get to take this beautiful crystal lamp home with a new shade. This lamp used to be Angela's grandmother's lamp a long long time ago. The lamp is very traditional, and the shade is a little contemporary.

The sofa is taking a long time to arrive. Guillaume ordered it a week before Cyril arrived here. It should be here within the next week or so. This is the sofa - but the color will be this little swatch, not the grey in the picture.

This is Angela on the sofa in the furniture shop. They did not buy the ottoman in front.

This is Guillaume's new desk. This will arrive at the end of October! This will go where his current desk sits now, at the front of the apartment, next to the wall of windows.

And finally, this will be placed along the wall that the livingroom shares with the bedroom, right at the hallway entrance to the bed and bathrooms. The crystal lamp will eventually be on this table as well. Of course, this will not arrive until the end of October either.
And finally, this is the parking space. Hooray! It's inside, and warm, and it won't get snowed on, or rained on, and it will be very nice when it's a terrible day outside to just take the elevator to the basement and get into the car. And the parking space is just 2 spaces away from the door! How lucky!

See below for some bathroom pictures, too.
We miss you all, and can't wait to see you soon.
Gros, gros bisous.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The bathroom

There has been quite a lag between these blog posts. So here is a teeny bit, with pictures!

Sink & toilet before:

Sink & toilet after:

Shower before:

Shower after:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The move

Angela & Guillaume finally moved!

On July 30, the packers came to pack everything. Angela and Guillaume didn't think they had a lot of stuff.

They were very surprised at the end of the day at all the boxes.

Angela finally found someplace to sit.

On July 31, the movers came early in the morning, and started to load the truck. Guillaume was the boss. (This is at the new place.)
Meanwhile, Angela met Vas & Sal at the new apartment, where the newly polished floors gleamed. They were all afraid to walk on it because it looked wet.

Vas & Sal cleaned the kitchen.

Sal: Here, take this.

Vas: No, I'm done cleaning. I want to play with the little Vespa.

Everything started to come into the new apartment, and they all tried to keep up with unpacking the boxes.

But there were too many.

Vas & Sal stayed until 6:30 that night, unpacking and hanging clothes and cleaning. Angela & Guillaume stayed up until 11:30 unpacking the kitchen boxes and trying to decide where to put things.

The next morning, Saturday, Angela's mom arrived to help. She started by cleaning the oven and then moved to the countertops. Then Angela & Guillaume gave her a ride home at around 3:00 in the afternoon, because she was taking some things that Angela & Guillaume won't use (including a little tv!).

On Sunday morning, Angela & Guillaume woke up early to an almost-completetly-unpacked home. They finished unpacking the boxes. Some things, they weren't sure what to do with, so they left those boxes alone. It may be a while before those get unpacked.

But one thing Guillaume was sure to unpack. Yes, the Playstation 3!

On Sunday afternoon, they drove to Logan Airport to greet the Rousseaus! They arrived at around 4:00 in the afternoon. There were too many people, and too much luggage, to fit in the car, so they split up. Guillaume and Guy took the car, and Angela took the rest of the family in a taxi. Some day Guillaume will learn how to get home from the airport.

Gros bisous!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It is a lot of work to renovate a bathroom. There is so much to do, from the inside out!

From the inside, a look at where the old mirror was and the lights:

And now, the new lights above where the new mirror will be (you can just see the top of the hole in the wall at the bottom):

This is after the demolition of the wall in between the closet and bathroom, and the doorway between the bathroom and hallway:

And this is the new doorway framed in. The closet door is on the left, and the bedroom door is on the right:

The apartment is being painted right now. There will be more pictures here soon...


Felicitations de Cyrielle et Nicolas! Ils sont engag├ęs! Dernier semaine, Nicolas a propose dans sur les Champs Elysees, apres un diner intime au restaurant Relais Louis XIII! Wow!

Angela & Guillaume sont TREEESSS heureux de recevoir cette bonne nouvelle de la France!

(Cette photo n'est pas sur les Champs Elysees. Il est Cissou et Nico a Sydney... duh!)

Guillaume & Angela sont TREEEESSSS heureux de voir Les Rousseaus tres, tres bientot. Alors, que Cyrielle & Nico aidez pour le "unpacking", Guy et Claudia jouer en Florida. Pas mal!



(Angela ce qui est ecrit maintenant (et toujours), sortie l'hopital, et tres bien!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Angela & Guillaume are Homeowners

On Tuesday, June 30, 2009, Angela & Guillaume purchased their little piece of the American Dream.

And today, they demolished it...

WOW! Incredible what someone can do in less than 6 hours!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

De la banque!

It's the biggest day today!

Guillaume is on his way to the bank to get a big fat check. Angela is drinking coffee in bed. She feels she should be doing something more...

More news later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ne pas depenser d l'argent!

Parce que Guillaume & Angela achete un appartement, ils ne sont pas depenser d l'argent! Donc, Guillaume cuit un menu degustation pour Angela la semain dernier.

Voila, la menu!

1st course - Avocat "a la guillaume-ah"

2nd course - seared scallops with caper and lemon butter

3rd course - ouef cocotte "a la guillaume-ah" (mais Angela ete impatient, donc sans photo de l'oeuf)

4th course - warm crispy veal rolls with proscuitto and basil, and green salad.

Pas mal, Guillaume-ah. Angela aimer economiser d l'argent! (quelquefois...)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

65 Years

A beautiful beach that will always be known as hell - where thousands of young men lost their lives.
Some of those young men will never be known.

But remembered here forever, on the shores upon which they died.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Big News!

Les parents sont arrive en avril. Guillaume et Angela veulent les voir leur appartement avant de l'acheter.

Mais, premiere! Diner! Nous sommes allez a la Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro.
Le lendemain, nous sommes allez a l'appartement. Il y a beaucoup de fenetres. Il est tres lumineux, parce que l'appartement fait face a l'ouest. (Angele espere que vous comprenez...)
C'est Guillaume avec Liz, l'agent immobilier. Elle est tres, tres sympa, honnet.

Guillaume ne veut pas que le cabinet de la meme...

Ensuite, Angela & Guillaume a achete l'appartement! Ils ont l'appartement le 30 Juin. Il y a beaucoup d'ici la. Whew!

Y compris de Paque!

Guillaume et Angela va a chez Vas & Sal pour Paque. Guillaume est correcte Angela.

Peut-etre Guillaume besoin aide, aussi!

Suivant, plus appartement d'informations!
Gros, gros bisous a tous! Nous vous manque beaucoup.