Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Airport

No, Guillaume isn't going anywhere... he's at the airport picking up Cyril!

Cyril is coming for a visit for 10 days! After Guillaume left his job, he talked to Cyril, and they decided that a vacation was due. In the meantime, Guillaume was also interviewing for another job.

Well, the two things collided, and Guillaume will start his new job on Monday. Yes, this Monday, when Cyril is here. He will be able to relax during the day and visit museums in the area, and walk around Boston. Then at night, Angela & Guillaume will be able to play. And of course this weekend and next weekend.

Angela is watching the new Vice Presidential pick for Obama on the news while she waits for them to come home from the airport. She is looking forward to seeing Cyril!

Of course photos to come!

Gros bisous!

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's half over!

Angela & Guillaume can't believe how fast the summer has gone by. And the weather hasn't cooperated very well.

They did get a chance to get up to Seabrook Beach, in New Hampshire, to visit Sue & Steve and their children, Madalyn, Danielle, Nick and Ben. They spent the day at the beach.

After they went back to the beach house, and Danielle tried to teach Guillaume how to use a crazy sk8 board. He's a sk8er boi.

They stayed overnight at their beach house. Angela & Guillaume will go to visit again before they all go back to Missouri!

Meanwhile, Guillaume has been very busy with Petit Robert and Marie Antoinette. They made little babies a couple of weeks ago.

For a few days, Petit Robert took care of the fries (the babies). Then Petit Robert went back to his own little home, and now Guillaume is taking care of the little fries. There are a few who have survived.

Angela and Guillaume don't think they'll get $14 million dollars like Brad and Angelina did for their baby pictures. So the pictures will be on the blog for free.