Sunday, July 19, 2009


It is a lot of work to renovate a bathroom. There is so much to do, from the inside out!

From the inside, a look at where the old mirror was and the lights:

And now, the new lights above where the new mirror will be (you can just see the top of the hole in the wall at the bottom):

This is after the demolition of the wall in between the closet and bathroom, and the doorway between the bathroom and hallway:

And this is the new doorway framed in. The closet door is on the left, and the bedroom door is on the right:

The apartment is being painted right now. There will be more pictures here soon...


Felicitations de Cyrielle et Nicolas! Ils sont engag├ęs! Dernier semaine, Nicolas a propose dans sur les Champs Elysees, apres un diner intime au restaurant Relais Louis XIII! Wow!

Angela & Guillaume sont TREEESSS heureux de recevoir cette bonne nouvelle de la France!

(Cette photo n'est pas sur les Champs Elysees. Il est Cissou et Nico a Sydney... duh!)

Guillaume & Angela sont TREEEESSSS heureux de voir Les Rousseaus tres, tres bientot. Alors, que Cyrielle & Nico aidez pour le "unpacking", Guy et Claudia jouer en Florida. Pas mal!



(Angela ce qui est ecrit maintenant (et toujours), sortie l'hopital, et tres bien!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Angela & Guillaume are Homeowners

On Tuesday, June 30, 2009, Angela & Guillaume purchased their little piece of the American Dream.

And today, they demolished it...

WOW! Incredible what someone can do in less than 6 hours!