Friday, December 26, 2008

Joyeux Noël (et plus...)

Angela & Guillaume have had a very busy month, and have had no time to blog!

They went to a fundraiser on December 1 with their friend Kenny. There were a lot of New England Patriots football players there. Kenny bought an autographed football (the name was a little smudged), and Angela thought it was Number 1.

Angela's mother's birthday was December 6, so the kids took her to dinner at Flora Restaurant in Arlington. First, they went to her house to see her "winning painting." She entered a painting into a contest at the State House. Her painting won! It is now a holiday card that people can buy.

She gave Guillaume a New England Patriots winter hat. He liked it. It's very blue.

They had a lovely birthday dinner!

A few nights later, they went to a basketball game at the Garden to see the World Champion Boston Celtics.

Of course they stopped for food and beer first.

Doesn't Guillaume look very handsome?

The seats were very good. They were so close that Angela was looking for famous people, and she found some! Richard Seymour (he plays football for the New England Patriots), tennis player James Blake, and his brother, were all at the game. Okay, they're famous here in Boston anyways...

Finally they put up their Christmas tree. It was a lot of work this year. The tree stump was too big for the stand, so Guillaume had to go out and purchase a big expensive stand, and a saw (!) to cut off some of the stump so it would stand up straight. Guillaume wanted to buy the saddest tree on the lot because he felt bad for the tree.

But it looks very pretty now.

Just before Christmas, Angela and her best friend, Kelley, went to dinner to celebrate their birthdays. They have been friends since they were 5 years old! Angela's birthday is in June, and Kelley's is in November. They tried to go to dinner in between their birthdays, but they ran out of time.

They went to L'Espalier. Guillaume's friend, Greg, was their waiter, and he could not have been nicer. Angela had never met him before, so she was very happy to finally meet him. It was a wonderful evening. Since it was just the day after the big snowstorm, it was very cold and snowy outside, and it was so warm and cozy inside.

Guillaume had to work on Christmas Eve, so Angela went to her mother's house for a very nice dinner. She went to her house right after work, and watched as her mom finished making things for the dinner. At 6:00, some of her mother's friends arrived, and then Andrew came at 6:30. He had been at a friend's house for a party. His friend's father just happens to be one of Guillaume's regular customers at the M Bar!

On Christmas morning, Guillaume woke Angela up by singing a Christmas song. They had coffee and breakfast, and opened their prizes.
Santa Claus brought them Guitar Hero (because Rock Band just wasn't enough).
And lots of videos! And an iPhone case for Angela.

The biggest and best Christmas prize is yet to come. Angela & Guillaume are flying to France in just a few short weeks. They will be there for Papy Pierre's big birthday celebration! They are so happy they will soon see all family and close friends.

In the afternoon, they went to Cape Cod, to Aunt Andrea and Uncle Karl's house. They had a nice drive down to the Cape, listening to Christmas songs and calling friends and family. Feliz Navidad may have been over-played in the car.
Two of Angela's cousins and their families were there. The girls were painting nails and and playing with their new toys. Harry showed us how to use his yo-yo! Andrew came a little later, and their stepmother, Nancy came with her dog, Minette.
They got home at 8:30, and then hopped on La Voile to go to a little party at Greg's house in Brookline. They had a fantastic gumbo, some delicious wine, they rocked out to Rock Band, and finally went home at 2:00 in the morning.
Now Guillaume is in the office, Angela is on the couch, and she may not move until tomorrow.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.