Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Weekends

Monday was Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. It has been a long, cold winter, so Angela & Guillaume are very happy that summer is finally here. The weather was beautiful, all the windows in the apartment were open, and a warm breeze drifted through.

On Sunday, they drove to Cape Cod to visit Aunt Andrea & Uncle Karl. First, they went to the dry cleaner to drop off Guillaume's suit for work. The shop was closed. So they got back into the car and hit the road.

To start, there was no traffic. On holiday weekends in the summertime, traffic is usually very heavy. Not on Sunday!

Whoops! Spoke too soon. As soon as they got close to the Cape:

...there was traffic.

But look here - even the motorcycles are stuck in traffic. Not like in France where they are crazy!

Finally, they arrived!

They went out back by the pool, and found Aunt Andrea, Uncle Karl, Cousin Pam and her husband Brian, and their two little girls...

And of course Andrew was there!

And of course there was a lot of food: hamburgers! hotdogs, salads, desserts, wine, beer, and some champagne for an early celebration of Angela & Guillaume's one year anniversary!

Shortly before sunset, Angela and Guillaume left the house to go back to Bone Hill Beach, where once again, it was a warm summer evening!

They drove home on Sunday night. Then on Monday, they went to Aunt Vas and Uncle Sal's house, where they had more food and fun! Pictures and stories soon!


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

With the sun Cape Caod and your uncle and aunt's house look very nice !
Was it enough warm to swim in the pool ?
I'm glad that everyone seems to be fine and treat himself !
With nico we'll leave australia for french polynesia on 6th june !!! Hurra !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss you :-)

Angela & Guillaume said...

Oh, French Polynesia! I'm SO jealous!

It was warm enough in the sunshine to want to go in the pool... but the pool was SOOOOO cold we couldn't go in!

Miss you too. We talk often about your next visit to Boston (we hope it's soon after you come home!).

p'tit pap said...

What a great pleasure when the sun is back..all is different..this afternoon, I've red on the terrace, the honeysuckle (?) smelt good..HHHHHUUUMMMMM!!!
My new "job" is the same as before but I have new collegues (no comment), new office (small horrible room).What is good, is that I can go there (La Défense)by metro, I have not to wake up too early to go by car..
Love to my "carrier pigeons"..Ptit' Mam'

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Today is our anniversary with Nico, We've been together for 6 years with Nico this 1rst june !
We are fine (flowers and gift for me !!!)

Angela & Guillaume said...

Happy Anniversary!

We spent the morning drinking coffee on the terrace... at our new table on OUR side. It was a wonderful way to start the day!

I can't wait to hear of your new colleagues. I hope it gets better. Good news about the metro. Now you can file your nails and not worry about getting a speeding ticket!

Gros gros bisous

Andy said...

happy anniversary!!

weren't those burgers the best ever?!