Friday, August 8, 2008

It's half over!

Angela & Guillaume can't believe how fast the summer has gone by. And the weather hasn't cooperated very well.

They did get a chance to get up to Seabrook Beach, in New Hampshire, to visit Sue & Steve and their children, Madalyn, Danielle, Nick and Ben. They spent the day at the beach.

After they went back to the beach house, and Danielle tried to teach Guillaume how to use a crazy sk8 board. He's a sk8er boi.

They stayed overnight at their beach house. Angela & Guillaume will go to visit again before they all go back to Missouri!

Meanwhile, Guillaume has been very busy with Petit Robert and Marie Antoinette. They made little babies a couple of weeks ago.

For a few days, Petit Robert took care of the fries (the babies). Then Petit Robert went back to his own little home, and now Guillaume is taking care of the little fries. There are a few who have survived.

Angela and Guillaume don't think they'll get $14 million dollars like Brad and Angelina did for their baby pictures. So the pictures will be on the blog for free.


Anonymous said...

where are the little fishies now? Are Marie A. and Petit R. in separate tanks?


p'tit pap said...

welcome to read you on the blog again..I don't know which papparazzi took the picture of the fish babies but we can't see very well anything..
Here, nothing many people, we watched on tv the start of the olympic games!!marvellous!!
Mille bisous from France!!Ptit' Mam'

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Hi everyone !
it's good to have news from you.
I'm on the road again with my friends , we did SKY DIVE !!!! incredible !!!!!, canoe in everglades in Noosa river, and very soon a cruise around the islands in the great Barrier Reef... Busy busy and so much fun !
Miss you
Bisous bisous

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

I forgot !
We did 4wheels (4x4) on Fraser Island the biggest sand island in the world we saw whales and dolphins from the coast!

cooooolllll !!!!!!

Papy said...

Nous avons tout apprécié mais surtout "notre" Excalibur. N'effacez pas les dernières photos car souvent absents de Lucé. Grande réunion à Brou le 21 07 mais les petits enfants commencent à nous manquer... A retenir : Papy fête son ultime (?) virage en grande pompe en Janvier sans doute au salon Capucine. Un aller-retour bostonné serait possible ??? Des big bisous à Minet et à sa petite femme. PY MY Lucé

Papy said...

(suite) En ce moment avec MY à Brou, regardons Tous les NOAN vidéo depuis 1981 et le petit Minet s'y voit à 1 an et plus, puis avec les "arrivées" suivantes. C'est super et très émouvant. Guill veut-il un DVD de ses premiers pas et des suivants ? Souvenir incroyable ! Quel DVD utiliser aux US ? Gros Bisous à vous 2