Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Sporty Week!

Angela and Guillaume went to a Boston Bruins hockey game at the Boston Garden on Wednesday night. A friend of Angela's won the tickets, but she doesn't enjoy hockey. So, good for Angela and Guillaume.

It was a very, very cold night outside, but they took the Vespa anyways. The Boston Garden is very close to where they live. Once inside, they found their seats, and got some food, of course.

In a minute and a half, the Buffalo Sabres scored a goal.

Less than a minute later, the Bruins scored a goal, too!

The game was very high-scoring. Final, Bruins 7, Buffalo 4. Hooray, they won!

The best part of the night was when the little boys came onto the ice to play Pee Wee Hockey. The little boys don't play strategically. They see the puck, and they all chase after it. It's very fun to watch 10 little people on skates racing around trying to be the first one to get to the puck.

Angela and Guillaume left a few minutes before the end of the game. They got some MacDo, and went home.
This upcoming week is a sporty week, too. They just bought tickets to Friday night's Boston Celtics game. Their seats are 5 rows up from the floor. It should be very fun.
They bought some other tickets, too... for January...
Gros bisous!

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