Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The move

Angela & Guillaume finally moved!

On July 30, the packers came to pack everything. Angela and Guillaume didn't think they had a lot of stuff.

They were very surprised at the end of the day at all the boxes.

Angela finally found someplace to sit.

On July 31, the movers came early in the morning, and started to load the truck. Guillaume was the boss. (This is at the new place.)
Meanwhile, Angela met Vas & Sal at the new apartment, where the newly polished floors gleamed. They were all afraid to walk on it because it looked wet.

Vas & Sal cleaned the kitchen.

Sal: Here, take this.

Vas: No, I'm done cleaning. I want to play with the little Vespa.

Everything started to come into the new apartment, and they all tried to keep up with unpacking the boxes.

But there were too many.

Vas & Sal stayed until 6:30 that night, unpacking and hanging clothes and cleaning. Angela & Guillaume stayed up until 11:30 unpacking the kitchen boxes and trying to decide where to put things.

The next morning, Saturday, Angela's mom arrived to help. She started by cleaning the oven and then moved to the countertops. Then Angela & Guillaume gave her a ride home at around 3:00 in the afternoon, because she was taking some things that Angela & Guillaume won't use (including a little tv!).

On Sunday morning, Angela & Guillaume woke up early to an almost-completetly-unpacked home. They finished unpacking the boxes. Some things, they weren't sure what to do with, so they left those boxes alone. It may be a while before those get unpacked.

But one thing Guillaume was sure to unpack. Yes, the Playstation 3!

On Sunday afternoon, they drove to Logan Airport to greet the Rousseaus! They arrived at around 4:00 in the afternoon. There were too many people, and too much luggage, to fit in the car, so they split up. Guillaume and Guy took the car, and Angela took the rest of the family in a taxi. Some day Guillaume will learn how to get home from the airport.

Gros bisous!


p'tit pap said...

Thank you to all people who helped you..we wait for pictures whith the new coach and carpet !!
Little by little, birds are making their nest, home, sweet home..love.Ptit' Mam'

Anonymous said...

De retour de BROU (aller-retour), nous regardons les dernières photos
du déménagement et du nouvel appart
Je vais essayer de faire traduire les comment'. Bravo.
Nous, ça baigne : promenades, repos, voisins..., Nono-Lulu (sans incendie), repas visiteurs, etc...
Vive la France !

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

I hope that everyone is fine.
Gros bisous

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

I hope that everyone is fine.
Gros bisous

Anonymous said...

Coucou. Vous êtes les 1er à recevoir un message de mon nouvel ordi Windows 7. Super ....mais ce sera lme dernier
Gros Bisous. Papy