Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October in Beantown

Boston is sometimes called "Beantown", or, shortened to "The Bean." Why? Because of Boston Baked Beans, of course! In the "early days," Boston had a lot of beans, because they are cheap and easy to grow, store and cook. Boston had a lot of molasses because of trade. Sugar and Molasses were brought in by the shipload from the West Indies, to be sold in Boston in exchange for rum and other local goods. Put together beans and molasses, and it makes baked beans!

A couple of weeks ago, we went apple picking at Honeypot Hill Orchards, in the town of Stow, Massachusetts. Angela used to go there with her parents and brother when she was little. The apple trees seemed much bigger back then!

We picked up Helen, Angela's mom, at around 12:00, and drove 30 minutes to the apple orchard. http://www.honeypothill.com/

The best apples were high up in the trees, so Helen and Guillaume climbed the ladders to pick the apples!

Once we had 2 bags of apples, we left the orchard to get something to eat (besides apples!). We went to Verrill Farm. http://www.verrillfarm.com/ They do not have apple orchards, but they have a lot of fresh vegetables, plus homemade soups, great sandwiches, and desserts. We bought some sandwiches, and sat outside at a picnic table.

Guillaume turned into a piece of corn.

Then he turned into an apple.

On Saturday, we picked up Helen in Lexington, and drove north and west to see the beautiful leaves that turn colors every fall (locals call it "leaf peeping"). Unfortunately, because of the un-seasonal warm weather we have had, the leaves were not very pretty. But we took pictures anyways.

This past Sunday, we went to Angela's aunt and uncle's house for dinner (Guillaume drove!).

Her mother and brother were there, too. We had a pork roast (filet mignon) with carrots and mashed potatoes, and homemade applesauce (from the apples we picked!). Helen made homemade apple pie (from the apples we picked - we picked a lot of apples!), and there was a chocolate cake for dessert, too.

Today is a sad day in the Rousseau household in Boston: Guillaume starts his first job ever in the United States! Of course, it's not really sad, it's very exciting! But we have spent so much time together during the past 6 months, we (Angela) won't know what to do when he's at work!!

He is working at L'Espalier, arguably the best restaurant in Boston. http://www.lespalier.com/

It is not far from home, so in nice weather he can walk, or ride his bike. It is 1:00 p.m. now, and he will leave in an hour! Oh no!!
Au revoir, Guillaume-ah!


Andy said...

Who doesn't love the Master Class at L'Espalier?? sounds fantastique. Love the pictures, even the corny one.

How come apple trees shrink when you grow up?

cyrielle said...

Wonderfull !
It's good news to know that Guillaume is working even if I understand Angela very well...
Gros Bisous a tous les deux !
Take care

Anonymous said...

Allez bonjour!