Friday, April 4, 2008

Back in Boston

But there is still so much to tell about Angela & Guillaume's vacation in France!

On Wednesday evening, after spending their afternoon shopping for food and wine to bring back home, Guy made blanquette de veau for dinner. It was delicious. Angela even had it for lunch, too!

Cyril came over for dinner, too, and Angela and Guillaume were very happy to see him!

After dinner, they all watched the home movie of Claudia's 40th birthday party. Angela loved it! She loved seeing Guillaume, Cyrielle and Cyril when they were little too. It was a lot of fun!

The next day was the long travel day! The Four Rousseaus headed out on a castle tour: Chambord, Cheverny, and Chenonceau... the Three Ch's!

This is a map to show the locations of the castles:

The first castle they went to was Chambord. They didn't get lost (yet)!

Angela had to be very quick with the camera to get the pictures as they whizzed by! Sometimes Guy could back up and stop, like here. But she still had to be fast.

The first sight of the castle is very impressive.

They didn't give out free samples of the Chambord. Quel dommage!

They visited the outside of the castle, but did not pay for the inside tour. The outside grounds were beautiful, and the weather cooperated for a little while. It was rainy part of the day, but not this hour!

After visiting the castle a little, they made their way to the restaurant just outside for lunch. And imagine this: no pictures of food! Impossible!But this was their view from their dining table. Pas mal, non?

They piled back into the car:

Next stop, Cheverny!
At Cheverny, there are hunting dogs that go out two times a week. There are 100 of them! They arrived at the castle shortly before feeding time, and it looked like it would be very interesting.

And here is a movie to show that it was VERY interesting! They released the dogs, and then the dogs did not eat until the handlers told them it was okay to eat. Then they went crazy! They jumped all over each other to get the food. The food smelled terrible, and Angela and Claudia had to leave shortly after the dogs started to eat.

They toured the castle, and then headed out for the 3rd Ch.. Chenonceau! (Angela had to be very, very quick with the camera to take this picture - no backing up on the roads!)

Chenonceau is a castle that is build primarily over the water, and is beautiful! To get to the castle, there is a long promenade through trees. Guillaume, Claudia and Guy were very happy they didn't have to use their umbrellas!

Finally, they headed home. But they weren't quite sure how to get there.

But, they made it home with help from GPS, and with a little traffic. It was a long, but very very nice day.

On Friday, it was time for Angela and Guillaume to go to Paris, and their stay in Ste Genevieve des Bois was over. They were very sad to leave, but were very happy that they had this time together.

Guy drove Angela and Guillaume to Vincent & Martine's apartment in Paris. As they rounded the final corner to get to their home, they saw the Eiffel Tower, and they were all amazed at the beautiful view.

The story continues...


Kenny said...

Hi Guys !

The dog video is unbelievable.....
you couldn't describe it in words if you tried, thanks for including the video!

p'tit pap said...

The video is very interesting but I miss the "smelling"..we have been happy to be with you for a few days; it will be a good "souvenir"' Mam'

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Wahou !!! You saw so many people and so mamy things !!! I think you won't forget this trip.
The castles look very nice , actually I haven't visited them and I would like to.
On the video I can recognize Guillaume's voice : " oh lala !"
Gros bisous les gars !

Andy said...

I am all over the dog video once my home internet is hooked up (I should watch with volume the office maybe not a good idea??) Chambord looks magnif. Welcome home!

p'tit pap said...

A few words..this evening,there is a reportage on TV about "the castles of the Loire"..we will be in front of tv and we'll think to'Mam'