Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thursday Already?

Angela and Guillaume feel like they just arrived, but they have been in France for 5 days already. They have done a lot and seen a lot of people!

On Monday morning, they awoke with excitement. After a breakfast of croissants and coffee (Nespresso, of course!) they left Ste Genevieve des Bois.

First stop, Papy Pierre and Mamy Dedette! Guillaume and his father drove in one car, and Angela and Claudia drove in the other, to Chartres. It took about 1 1/2 hours to drive, and time passed very quickly.

Upon arrival, everyone piled out of their cars to find Papy Pierre and Mamy Dedette at the window. Angela called out, "Papy Pierre! Mamy Dedette!" because she was very happy to finally see them.

Everyone went into their home, and Angela felt very welcomed.

There were creatively wrapped gifts for Angela and Guillaume, and even for Petit Robert!

There was wonderful food: salmon, radishes, foie gras, ham, potatoes... it was so delicious, Angela had a hard time stopping to eat dinner.

Thank goodness for dessert or she may not have! Here, Guy is cutting the tarte tatin.

And everyone who enjoyed the day:

After all the food, they felt like taking a walk, so they drove to the huge, old (really old... much older than America - built in 1260!!) cathedral in Chartres. This is the Chartres cathedral from a distance.

Guillame made a friend just outside. He always meets interesting people!

When they were inside, Angela lit a candle for her dad.

After a final walk, and a drive back they left for Mamyline and Papy Roger's house, very close by. More lovely gifts were presented to Angela and Guillaume.

They had a very nice dinner that night, and ate a lot more food. Angela, Guillaume and Mamyline were very happy.

Chanel wanted to be sure Guillaume is in the picture. They stayed there on Monday night, and had a very good lunch the next day, with pain poisson, duck, vegetables, then desserts and more desserts! Angela thought she would never eat again!

In the afternoon, Manuel and Flora came to say hello, and to get the Paul Pierce Celtics shirt and shorts for Paul. Angela and Guillaume also went to see their new home, and it is beautiful!!!

Finally, the Chartres voyage had come to an end, and the Four Rousseaus returned to Ste Genevieve des Bois, and Home Sweet Home!

On Wednesday, Angela, Guillaume and Claudia met Guy at his golf club for lunch. Guillaume ran into someone who used to work at the Crillon Hotel! Lunch was very good, of course.

Angela is proud of her beaux pere - this plaque is above the bar at the club:

After lunch, the Four Rousseaus went to the wine shop and bought some wine to take back to America. The man who sold them the wine talked a lot. Angela thought it was funny that this is the only California wine in the store:

Next, the Three Ch's Tour... Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

It all sounds like fun. Looking forward to the next installment.


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

So nice to see your pictures !
Thanks a lot !
Gros bisous à toute la famille.

Andy said...

I rather like the highway-sign + far-away cathedral pics...the real France ya don't see on post cards. Hi to everyone :)

Papy said...

Coucou à tous les 2. Déjà très très loin de nous. Nous sommes tristes....Bravo Angéla pour les photos et les commentaires. Grande collection Papy. Papa Guy m'en a envoyé 15 ce matin. Que de bons souvenirs. Love beaucoup

p'tit pap said...

What you did not know dear Angela when you made the blog....I have received yesterday a "contravention" because I drove too fast when I took you from the airport..oups !!!love..Ptit'Mam'

Anonymous said...

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