Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot Weekends

Saturday was the beginning of a very HOT weekend. Before it got too hot, Angela had her morning coffee on the terrace, at their NEW TABLE! They finally bought a table, chairs and umbrella for their side of the terrace.The sky was clear, the leaves are on the trees, it was a beautiful morning in Boston!

Angela went downstairs when Guillaume woke up. He wanted her to open her birthday prize a week early.
So she did! It's a hand-crafted jewelry box, made with Purple Heart wood from Brazil, Wenge wood and Paduak wood from Africa, Curly Maple wood, Cherry wood and Black Obeechie wood from America.

Angela moved all her jewelry into the jewelry box, and Guillaume was very happy that it now has its place.
This morning they started to watch the French Open, but Roger Federer has lost the first two sets very badly, so Guillaume is now playing soccer on his PS3. Shortly, they will head to the north shore, to Rockport. It's a quaint New England seaside town, and they may end up at a beach somewhere. At the end of the day, they will surely end up at The Lobster Pot for some food!

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p'tit pap said...

YOUR new table and chairs are very nice; they are "class" and I hope the weather will permit you to often use them..About the jewelry box, I think it's very big because Angela is going to have more and more and more jewels, isn'it??