Friday, June 13, 2008

One Year Ago

One year ago today, Angela & Guillaume got married. They didn't realize their first anniversary would be on Friday the 13th!

But unlike the horror movie, their first year of marriage has been lovely.

Just over a week ago, June 4th, was the 225th anniversary of the first public demonstration of the montgolfier balloon, in Annonay, France.

Andrew painted a little blue montgolfier in their wedding gift, just underneath the first A in Angela's name.

On Sunday morning, they fly to Fabulous Las Vegas!

From there, they begin their tour of the Wild Wild West! They return home to Boston on Sunday, June 22. Angela has to work on Monday, so there may not be a blog until the following weekend...

Gros bisous!


p'tit pap said...

Happy birthday dear Angela and enjoy your trip together in the WWW..Love..Ptit' Mam'

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Happy anniversary and Happy birthday Angela !!!
All the best for both of you,
see you soon


p'tit pap said...

Cyrielle and Nicolas are back..
You come back to morrow..
And we leave to morrow...
LOVE...Ptit' Mam'