Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Spirit

It seems the elves have multiplied!

Since Maman Rousseau wanted to "learn" the dance, and since Cyrielle tried and it didn't work, Angela elfed them too! (Maybe Angela is more in the Christmas Spirit, and less in the Working Spirit today.)

One of Angela's jobs at work today is to make a Christmas cd for their Christmas party next Wednesday. The sound coming from her office is very joyful!

Last night, Angela and Guillaume were talking about their upcoming plans, and they are getting very excited to see faraway family and friends.

Vincent and Martine will be in New York City the first week in January, so Guillaume and Angela will visit with them for a weekend. They will probably go to see a Broadway show, too. They saw Mamma Mia! on Broadway almost 2 years ago, and loved it.

They are in very serious discussions about their trip to France. Angela would like to go next week, but they think it might take a little longer to plan. BUT, they will definitely go in the next couple of months, and they can't wait.

Also, one of Guillaume's best friends might be coming for a visit in January when Angela has to go to Florida for work. At least it will be warm in Florida. It is very cold here in Boston, and we are expecting 3 different snow storms this week alone.

Il fait froid, mais il fait chaud dans nos coeurs!


Anonymous said...

salut les petits loups

salut les petits loups
alors peut etre petite visite en france coollllllllllll
nous aussi il fait froid et nous aussi notre coeur est chaud!!! j ai quelques difficultés de comprehension mais bon...traduction par todio bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
taty sylvie

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

That's good news for the French Family !
I think I will miss something again but... next time.
Big kisses