Sunday, December 16, 2007

La neige sans fin

On Saturday, Angela had to go to a holiday party by herself because Guillaume was working. She stopped at the Fresco flower shop to buy some pretty Christmas flowers for the party hosts. She met her friends Kenny and Brenda at the party too, and they had a nice time. Brenda brought a delicious dessert - everyone wanted the recipe.

Kenny said that he was going to the Patriots football game on Sunday. The stadium is outside. It's a terrible storm outside today. Angela hopes they are warm and inside!

The snow is falling again. Angela and Guillaume went outside to clean off the car, and shovel a little bit so Angela could go to work on Monday morning.

All of a sudden, Guillaume heard a loud *BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH*

He looked up, and saw a cascade of snow falling from the roof next door!

The falling snow crushed the top of the car that was parked just behind us!

This is the pile of snow that fell from the roof, onto the sidewalk and the car!

Guillaume shoveled some more, and wiped off the car as well as he could. The ice and wet snow continued to fall.

Angela was taking pictures of the neighborhood. However, she was less happy about the snow. The first time it was pretty. It's still pretty, but it's nowhere near as fun.

After all the shoveling and cleaning, Angela thought it would be smart to move the car into a garage overnight. The snow and rain is supposed to freeze, and Angela thought that she would never get out of the parking spot in the morning. They drove to the Holiday Inn, and the car is happily sitting in a dry parking space.

Angela is supposed to go to dinner at Dolce Vita in the North End with her friend Stephanie tonight. The weather might not allow it!

Angela and Guillaume think that Cyrielle & Nico are much warmer!


p'tit pap said...

Guillaume, do you remember when we went to the mountain whith your aunt ?? sometime I had to shovel as you do..and once YOU had to put the chains all around the wheels...I think it's when you had your arm broken after a school battle...did you relate this story to Angela?? (the battle of course)
Bye...the spring will be here in a few months....Ptit' Mam'

Angela & Guillaume said...

I do not know about this battle - I will ask Guillaume as soon as he gets home from work!

I look forward to seeing your Christmas tree, too!

Santojulian or Mr P said...

I see that you always love fighting against nature Guigui...1 mission per respect your contract, congratulation ! I wish good luck to clean your street...

Anonymous said...

Même à TF1 on vient d'entendre parler des chutes de neige abondantes de BOSTON. Nous, on le savait avant grâce à toi et à tes photos. Ici rien de neuf si ce n'est que, cette année pour la 1ère fois, "NOAN" se délocalisera : La fête se déroulera en Janvier à la LULU tous ensemble sauf les enfants ROUSSEAU. Je t'enverrai des photos BIZ OP