Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Resolution

No, not a new year's resolution. A resolution finally to the New England Aquarium fiasco from last August with the Frenchies!

Angela called and emailed the New England Aquarium (many times!) to try and find out what happened to the terrible employee who treated her Frenchies so badly. The only thing she found out was that the "situation has been taken care of" and it will "not happen again."

The Aquarium also offered to provide 10 free aquarium tickets to the charity of choice. So, Angela chose the Massachusetts General Hospital Hospital for Children. And a few days ago, Angela received a Thank You from the Hospital.

My thanks, and the thanks of our families, for the Aquarium tickets you sograciously gave to the Mass General Hospital's Concierge for our patients.The Aquarium is one of the most favorite places for our families to visit.I appreciate your thoughtfullness.
Evelyn H. Malkin, licsw

So, thanks to the suffering of the Frenchies, 10 people who have to be at the hospital can at least have some fun with the fish (and the fat fatties) at the aquarium!


Papy said...

Salut les petits mignons. Guillaume, en descendant Garden Street bordée d'arbres, vers Cambridge Street, je distingue sur la droite 2 escaliers extérieurs (séparés bien sûr), ressemblant à ceux vus sur une de vos photos "enneigées". Dis moi lequel tu pourrais éventuellement emprunter ou alors logez-vous de l'autre côté de la rue face à ses escaliers. Merci. J'ai situé l'appart de Cyssou très précisément à MANLY. BISOUS. Papy

Papy said...

lire " ces escaliers...."

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Good news !
I'm very happy that you got tickets for the MGH, this stupid and rude employee was finally usefull !

Big kiss !!


p'tit pap said...

Happy for these families which visit the aquarium..and Angela, don't be worry..your Frenchies were not traumatized..we have the same bad and stupid people in's international!!!
Guillaume, sorry to miss you yesterday...LOVE..Ptit'Mam'

p'tit pap said...

I forgot something..

p'tit pap said...

Sorry, I repeat..I forgot something..
First = Angela, congratulations for your french language..
Second = can you give me the address of your uncle and aunt Vas (and their exact name)
Love again...Pti' Mam'

Le chat said...

What a good new and what a good idea.
I remember very well this stupid employee. Thanks to him and our courage (lol), several families will have good times.