Friday, January 18, 2008

The Boston Bruins Game (#1)

Thursday was a good day for hockey!

First, Guillaume and Romain went to the hockey store. Guillaume used his new GPS System to find his way to the store, and they did not get lost!

Guillaume was cold enough so that he could wear his pretty green hat.

The first store was closed (they were very early).

So, they drove 1/2 hour to the next store.

Romain was very excited. There were a lot of hockey things for him to look at and buy.

And so he did!

When they got home, Angela was already at the hospital for treatment, so they played Hockey on the PlayStation 3, and had a fun afternoon. But first, they had to find a place to park. Guillaume called Angela to see if he could park here: She said no.

Guillaume found a spot just around the corner, and parked with only a little help from Romain!

At 5:30 p.m., Angela left the hospital to come home, and Guillaume and Romain left home to go to the GAME! They were like two ships passing in the night (but they didn't see each other). They didn't forget the tickets!

Guillaume and Romain walked to the Boston Garden. It took them about 20 minutes, and for a change, it wasn't too cold! (But of course Guillaume wore his pretty green hat.) They wanted to get there early so they could go to the shop and buy things.

But first, they stopped at The Harp, a bar across the street from the Boston Garden. Guillaume had a BUD.

Then, they walked across the street to the Boston Garden. First stop, shopping. Guillaume bought a Boston Bruins sweatshirt (a sweet!?), and Romain bought a Boston Bruins hat (which would come in useful later when Guillaume threw a snowball at his head).

When they walked into the arena for the first time, Romain was like a little boy - he was SO excited! He said it was much better than waking up at 4:00 in the morning to watch Canadian television through static. It was his first National Hockey League game live, and he couldn't stay still! They walked all around the ice and took pictures.

And they made a new friend: Blades!

The same man sings the national anthems at every game. With his red bow tie!

The game was very good. It was 2-2 at the end of regulation time, and went into overtime. Then it went into a "shootout", and the Bruins ended up losing. Better luck next time, boys! But, Guillaume and Romain will have one more chance to see the Bruins (hopefully) win, on Saturday night. Their seats are not as good, but they won't care!

Guillaume may have been as excited as Romain at the game...

After the game, they stayed until the arena was almost empty to savor every minute. Then they walked home.

Angela was on the couch when she heard Guillaume yell from outside, "Angela!" She opened the window and saw Guillaume with a HUGE snow ball. Bigger than his head! He was taking snow from all the cars and rolling it into one big ball. Then he threw it at Romain, and they had a snowball fight in the street. Now you see why the hat was a good idea for Romain!

They finally came inside, and we looked at the pictures on the tv, and then we went to bed. Well, Angela went to bed, and she thinks that Guillaume and Romain may have played Ice Hockey on the PlayStation 3 again.

Now, les mecs are ... yes, playing Ice Hockey on the PlayStation 3. Angela is at the kitchen island. Les mes will go to the New England Boat Show later today. Angela will take a quick trip to the hospital for a shot, and finish packing for her trip to FLORIDA! WARM! HOORAY!

On Saturday morning, Guillaume will drive Angela to the airport and say au revoir for 5 days. Then on Sunday, Guillaume and Romain will begin their road trip adventure to... maybe Canada.

Now, Angela will make egg sandwiches for les mecs. And then they will go to the Boat Show.

The blog will probably not be updated until Angela returns from Florida because she will be very busy working, and Guillaume will be in Canada somewhere.

A bientot!


Andy said...

Have an AWESOME road trip Guillaume!! & if you drive through Connecticut, stop by, you are my guest, pool tables and Guinnesses right next door.

Finally Angela gets to escape the snow!!!

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Have a lovely trip !
We'll miss the new episodes on the blog but we'll wait for like everybody !
Have fun !

Gros bisous