Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mamy Therese's Filet Mignon

Guillaume did not have to work on Tuesday. So, he put himself to work in our kitchen! He spent all day cooking and baking so that Angela would have an amazing meal when she got home from work.

First, he called his father to get the recipe for Mamy Therese's filet mignon (that is pork tenderloin). Then, he went to Whole Foods to get the food. He spent a long time there, making sure he had all the right things. Here is the kitchen, prepared and ready to go. Look at the two beautiful filet mignons on the counter!

Look at them now, cooking in the pot, with mushrooms, pancetta, onions, whiskey... Oh, maybe the pancetta isn't in yet. It might be on the side, waiting to go in.

Cooking at full steam!!
Then, another masterpiece. Guillaume made his very first Tarte Tatin. First, he put sugar and butter in a pan to caramelize and added sliced apples. The apples drank in the sugar and butter. Then, he put it in the oven with dough on top. When it was done baking, he turned it over so the crust was on the bottom, and all the caramelized juices ran into the apples.

When Angela got home, she walked into an apartment that smelled so good. She couldn't control herself, and Guillaume gave her a small piece of the Tarte Tatin.

Finally, after a few hours, it was dinner time. Thank goodness! Angela was going to fall over from all the good smells at home.

Guillaume prepared the pasta to go with Mamy Therese's filet mignon.

He said, "It has to be done PRECISELY."

Angela waited patiently at the table, with the wine.

This is Angela's delicious plate.

This is Angela's empty plate.

Then, the warm Tarte Tatin, served with just a little bit of creme fraiche.

Guillaume was VERY VERY pleased with the way the meal turned out.
So was Angela. She has talked about it all day today. And she will have it again for dinner tonight, so she can't wait to go home.

They hope their family and friends are well, in all the corners of the world. They also hope that Maman and Papa Rousseau meet Tiger Woods in Dubai! Bonne chance! (And Angela hopes that Claudia gets to buy some good things at the SOLDES. Encore, bonne chance!)


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! My mouth is watering from just looking at the pictures. Send the recipe, please. Guillaume you're a good cook.


Andy said...

looks great! I did not know Mother Teresa had such a decadent side.

claudiarousseau said...

"Bravo" Guillaume, it's seems you are a good cooker as your father.
We are in Dubai; i send you a photo by mel; we saw all the golf stars...but no very much time for'mam'

p'tit pap said...

We are back from Dubai..after looking golfers, visiting a little, doing small shopping (with sales and whitout sales)..It's a city for pretty women and fashion victims..
It's cold in France, too cold..BRRRRRRRR...It's horrible but Dad made a beautiful fire in the fireplace...Love..Ptit' Mam'