Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh, No.

More snow in Boston. It's a Nor'Easter! (If anyone knows Mother Nature, we really could use a break here...)

Also, Guillaume's bike was stolen last night. He went downstairs to our storage to get my suitcase, and came up with a broken lock. That's all that was left of his bike. What's so ridiculous is that the seat wasn't even on the bike when it was stolen. He brings it upstairs every night. So someone stole a bike with no seat, and the front wheel isn't straight. They definitely could have chosen a better bike.

But his friend is coming soon, Angela will be in Florida, life is not bad!


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Oh no,
Who is this M.... F.... who stole the bike ?
I'm very sorry for you Guillaume, now you can try the luge to go to work and probably buy a new one when the weather will be better !

(I don't know if it's time to joke)

I miss you a lot !


Anonymous said...

I'm sad to hear about Guillaume's bike being stolen! Was it taken from the storage area?

Walk and drive carefully in the snow on Monday.


Andy said...

Can I request a rooftop snowman?

My area of Conn. got 4-6 inches this morning.

Sorry Guillaume to hear about your bike!

Kenny said...

What, must have been an Englishman, no American would steal a bike without a seat, ouch !!!

Kenny said...
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The Cat said...

I hope the thief deeply fucked himself on the bike because there was no seat. As Cyrielle said you can now buy a luge. You will have to take the future new one with you every evening to prevent this kind of event. Maybe you could put it on the terrace.

Bye and see you soon.

p'tit pap said...

Sorry for stolen bike..but if you do like "the cat" says, it will be good for your bike to be on the terrace, it will be good for your arms which become strong but it will be very bad for the walls near the stairs..
Thousand kisses..Ptit'Mam'

Angela & Guillaume said...

I would have to follow Guillaume up the stairs with a paint brush!