Monday, February 18, 2008

Le Velo est Arrive!

Finally! (Well, actually it arrived last week, but Angela & Guillaume have been very busy.)

Guillaume was on his way to the shop. Angela heard him come back up the stairs right after he left. She thought something was wrong. But there was only a change in plans. The bike arrived!

It came folded up like a pretzel, so Guillame wanted to unfold it and put it together.

After only 1/2 hour, it was ready to ride!

Very unfortunately, it was raining very, very hard outside. Guillaume was so sad that he could not ride his new bike.

Since then, he rides his bike to work every day (except yesterday). Today, it is 60 degrees! It was a very nice day for a bike ride. Guillaume looks very cute on his new bike.
And we are counting the days until we go to France! Only 33!


Kenny said...

So THAT'S HOW YOU ROLL in the Back Bay Hood ! ! !

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Your bike is so cute ! It's really different from Nico's one.
It looks very small, you can probably take it to France in your luggage !

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Message for Andrew:
no worrie, I don't forget you for my aquarelles (paintings), I'll put pictures very soon. Kiss

Anonymous said...

Glad the bike is working out.

Cyrielle, I look forward to some of your paintings!


p'tit pap said... careful now because it's not the same to drive this bike..

p'tit pap said...

I forgot to tell you..Flora began to paint too (aquarelle)'s seems it's a disease in the family..
Ptit' Mam'