Monday, February 4, 2008

Oeuf, Neuf.

The New England Patriots lost 17-14 to the New York Giants. There will be no victory parade.

BUT, Guillaume won $50 in a Superbowl Pool! It was his first bet and his first win. He even got a little yellow ribbon. He was very proud.

Angela and Guillaume stayed at the Superbowl Party until just after half-time. Then they took a taxi home and watched the rest of the game from their couch, and they were so happy (until the Patriots sadly lost).

The news reporters are very gloomy today, but at least there were no riots like when the Red Sox won!


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

First message since a long time ! I am very happy to have Internet, to see all those pictures and to read your articles, it's almost a novel !
I cooked the Mamy Therese filet mignon as well for Christmas I think it was good !


p'tit pap said...

Happy to have last news from Boston (and Sidney)..
Last time, I forgot to tell you 2 things:
First, we came back from Dubai in "business" class because economic class was full..
Second, it was possible to see us on tv when we were in the golf tournament; we stay just behind the players and in front of the camera at the departure of the hole number 14..Big Smack.Ptit' Mam'

Andy said...

we still love our Patriot's!!!

My party was fun indeed, there were 3 of us - the rest of the gang wasn't up for shlepping up to Vernon on a sunday night. Good thing because we managed to finish off all the Magic Hat, Sammies, Margaritaville Island Lime Shrimp hors davors & spinach artichoke dip, and who can forget pig in a blanket, ourselves!!!

Andy said...

and Pringles!!!