Saturday, February 9, 2008

They Can't Keep Us Down!

As you may remember, in the early morning hours of January 13, just before a big snowfall, Guillaume's bicycle was stolen by evil theives!

Cyril and Claudia had good ideas about bringing a new bicycle upstairs every night (for safety AND strong arms). Angela thought Claudia was right about the walls. Angela did not want to follow Guillaume up the stairs every night with a bucket of paint to cover the smudges on the wall that were sure to happen.

Guillaume, however, is brilliant. He found a FOLDING BIKE! He can fold it and bring it upstairs every night, and now nothing bad can happen to it. It will be warm and dry, just outside our apartment door.

Angela ordered it for Guillaume online yesterday, and it will arrive this week. This is what it looks like un-folded. Angela thinks it is tres mignon. Guillaume isn't so sure.

Of course there will be photos when the bicycle arrives!


Anonymous said...

I've seen that bike before. It's a Citizen; they weigh about 30 lbs - kind of heavy for carrying up steps everyday.

I know of a similar folder that weighs just 24 lbs - the Superlite folding bike. It has 3 speeds, fenders, a kickstand, carry rack and folding pedals. It costs less than the Citizen and requires less maintenance (internal hub & coaster brakes).


Angela & Guillaume said...

Oh, no! That "Superlite" is one ugly bike! Ours is definitely cuter.

(By the way, Angela & Guillaume don't know who this "L" is, but we're sure he's trying to be helpful...)

Anonymous said...

I think maybe, that "L" works for the Superline company!!!

And, 30 lbs. is nothing for Guillaume.


Anonymous said...

That's Superlite company.


Kenny said...

I think that folding bike is a fine start. Perhaps this summer I can introduce Guillaume to the polished perfection of a Harley Davidson !

Angela & Guillaume said...

Oh, no you don't! You keep your Harley-mitts offa him! ;-)

p'tit pap said...

I wait for pictures of this new bike..with Guillaume on it of course...and so happy to see you soon..Love..Ptit' Mam'

Le chat said...

Oh what a cute bicycle !!! Be careful Angela, I'm sure William will seduce all the girls of Boston with such a pretty bike. looooooooooooooooooool. I'm waiting for the photos of our new Lance Amstrong, loooooooooooool. Come on Lance...