Monday, March 17, 2008

The final countdown...

Let the packing begin!

It is Monday afternoon, and Angela & Guillaume have 4 1/2 short days remaining until they take to the skies and wing their way to France!

They are so excited to spend time with family and friends, it's all they have been talking about.

Angela has hung most of the clothes that she is planning on taking with her. Now all she has to do is try everything on to make sure she likes them all, and put them in one of the suitcases. They want to make sure they bring all the right coats, shoes, belts and bags, so they are taking 2 suitcases. One might not be completely full, for all the food they are planning on bringing back to Boston (but Angela doesn't want to think about the return to Boston) (but she does like to think about the food).

Guillaume is very busy at work this week, working most lunches and all dinner. Angela is sad she won't see him until Saturday morning, when they will bring their sweet Petit Robert to Aunt Vas & Uncle Sal's for his own little vacation. They think he will enjoy the visit, and Aunt Vas has babysat a betta fish before, too!

Angela est tres heureux de voir (et de rencontrer!) toute la famille en France (mais, elle est triest parce que Cyrielle est encore loin...). Guillaume attend avec impatience, aussi!!

A tout a l'heure!
Gros bisous toute le monde!


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...


I'll think of you for Easter.
With Nico we'll do camping with 2 friends for Easter during 3 days just next to a lake ! Nico won't forget to take chocolates there....

Enjoy your trip !
Kiss all the family for us !
Gros bisous à vous 2

Angela & Guillaume said...

I just saw the movie Camping! Are you staying at Les Flots Bleu? :-)

Have so much fun!


Papy said...

P'tite Mam a montré à Papy comment traduire le texte du blog : SUPER ! je n'ai plus besoin d'une aide. Nous aussi sommes CONTENTS-CONTENTS de te voir Angéla et de revoir notre Minet bien grandi. Pi-t-être qu'un jour Mamy Dette et Papy seront arrières-grands-parents ? Ce jour là, on part à BOSTON faire la fête.....peut-être....A Lundi midi. LOVE