Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Cyrielle!


Andy said...

Welcome Petit Robert !

Happy Birthday Cyrielle !

Anonymous said...

Cyrielle, Happy Birthdya.

Bonne Anniversaire??!!


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Thank you very much !!!
I apreciate a lot.

Gros gros bisous to everybody,
Miss my american family.


Anonymous said...

il est bizarre votre nouveau locataire,

taty sylvie

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Votre poisson , ce serait pas un "combattant" comme on les appelle ?

Angela & Guillaume said...

Cyrielle, oui!

Petit Robert est un "Betta Fish". Il n'habite pas avec un homme, seulement aven une femme. Mais, avec une femme, il y a petite poissons... !!

sista from oz said...

Hi sista, I saw the pictures of your holidays with romain,I hope one day I could come to see you chez les "gringos".I'm in france now and going to visit sista Maxara in London next week before to go back to my new home:Noosa on the Sunchine coast,Queensland,Australia.Looks very cold in Boston so if one day you fancy some holidays in oz you'll be welcome with Angela.I'm kind of set up there for few years..Big kiss to you guys