Sunday, March 23, 2008

Looks Like We Made It!

It is 6:30 pm on Easter Sunday. Angela and Guillaume arrived exactly 12 hours ago, and have had a perfect day.

First, all suitcases in Boston were packed with clothes, shoes and gifts. The suitcases were very very full, and just a little heavy.

Guillaume prepared Angela for her first GP "experience." She had heard so many stories from the family, both good and ... exciting ... so she was ready for anything!

They arrived at Logan Airport early, and there was no line at the ticket counter at all. They checked in at the counter and were immediately given their boarding passes. Guillaume was very very shocked, and asked, "So we are on the plane?" and the ticket agent said Yes! (The agent next to her said,"Don't ticket them yet," but the agent helping didn't pay attention to her!)

So, they went through security, went to Duty Free, where Guillame wanted to try on sunglasses... but the cabinet was locked and the clerk said that they didn't have a key. So, no sunglasses for Guillaume. Angela bought her perfume, some books and magazines and then they went to the boarding gate.

Once they were on the plane in the VERY last row, in front of the toilets of course, they were getting settled. One of the flight attendants asked if they wanted to move away from the toilets, and they did. They sat about 10 rows ahead. Then, the chief hostess asked if they wanted to move upstairs into the bubble of the 747. And they did. But the plane was about to take off, so they had to run. But Guillaume's Green Card was in his coat, still in the overhead bin next to the toilet. Oh no!
The chief hostess got the jackets, and the three of them ran up the aisle, Angela's carry-on bag over her shoulder and hitting almost every person as she went by. Sorry! They ran up the stairs, threw themselves into their seats, and the plane started moving. These seats were so much better than the toilet seats. More room, less smell.

The flight was uneventful, but no one slept. They arrived on time, and there was no line at Customs. This GP traveling was easy and fun! But then they waited for the luggage. And waited. Finally it started to arrive, and soon they were outside, and Claudia drove up just then. Perfect timing!

The drive home was nice and sunny, and without incident, except for one driver who wanted to stop in the middle of the highway right in front of them because of the speed traps!

They arrived shortly and emptied all the bags from the car.

Even though it was early or late, Guillame and Angela were too excited and happy to be there, so they stayed awake and talked and opened presents for a little while, while Guy prepared Easter dinner. Lamb, of course.

And he prepared a tarte tatin, too!

Finally they thought they should sleep a little so they didn't fall asleep in the tarte tatin. They slept until 1:00!! They showered and felt very refreshed, although Angela thinks Guillaume is still a little tired. They will sleep very well tonight.

First, an aperetif with an amazing wine, Chateau d'Yqyem.

Then, the delicious dinner.

And cheese, and then the tarte tatin.

And NESPRESSO coffee! Angela and Guillaume are going to buy one of these machines - it makes delicious coffee! Even George Clooney says so.

They decided to take a walk through the Russian Orthodox cemetary in Ste Genevieve des Bois after lunch so that they didn't all fall asleep.

Many nobilities are buried here, and Putin came last year to visit as well. Rudolf Noureev is buried here in a very ornate grave!

After the walk through the cemetary, they took a tour of the town as well. Angela saw something that made her smile.

Now, Guy and Guillaume are downstairs wating tv, Claudia is on her computer, and Angela is going to go downstairs with her Vanity Fair Magazine.

Tomorrow, more visits with family, and they can't wait!


Kenny said...

I miss you already !
What is this "GP" you refer to, I cannot figure it out !

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

It's so strange to see our house, kitchen... on your blog.
Enjoy your trip in France, eat a lot of baguettes !!! the true one !
Could you take a nice picture of our parents and you. I haven't seen their faces for a while because they don't put webcam I really want to see them.
Guillaume, could you explain Mum and Dad how to use MSN, please.
I think about you every day.

Gros bisous à tous !!!

Papy said...

ANGELA : ce matin, Mamy Dédette et Papy sont tristes. Ils se retrouvent tous les 2 après avoir eu hier toute la famille et nos jeunes mariés. Tous les deux êtes adorables et mes 2 seules photos sont belles sur le canapé. Je compte sur toi pour m'envoyer tes pictures dès que possible. J'ai déjà enregistré celles du blog. Gros gros Bisous et aussi au petit Minet

Papy said...

Guillaume : après votre départ hier soir Lundi de Pâques, Mamy a retrouvé les 2 chiffres-bougies de ton anniversaire : "2 8" qui devaient décoré la tarte Tatin avec boule de Vanille. Désolé. On pensera à les mettre l'an prochain. BISOUS