Saturday, November 17, 2007

All About Food

Guillaume's degustation menu on Friday night was delicious. First, let's start with Angela's contribution - le vin! Not only did she put it in the refrigerator, when it was cold, she decanted it! Whew!

Before Guillaume began cooking, he had to make sure Angela did a good job with the wine. (She did!)

The dinner started with avocado, with egg (avocat avec oeuf) and a delicious sauce of mustard, oil, and a little vinegar (avec une sauce de moutard, huile, vinaigre). This is one of Angela's favorites to eat. (Angela likes to eat anything Guillaume cooks.)

Next, we had a salmon tartare, with shallots, capers, mayonnaise (tartare de saumon, avec des echalotes, les capres, la mayonnaise), and another secret ingredient (maybe it's not so secret, but Angela can't remember what it is), served with some baguette.

The next dish in our dining journey is our new favorite - scallops (coquille St Jacques), served in a sauce made of sauteed onions, white wine, creme fraiche, and lemon juice (avec une sauce d'oignons sautes, le vin blanc, creme fraiche, et jus de citron). So delicious!

Then we had shrimp (crevettes), sauteed in olive oil and butter, white wine (huile, burre, le vin blanc). We didn't like this one as much as the coquille St Jacques!

The final dish was oeufs coquotte, eggs in creme fraiche, with chives sprinkled on top, cooked in the oven for 15 minutes.

Guillaume cooked everything and Angela watched, and enjoyed everything very much.

Today we found out that Guillaume has to work on the Thanksgiving holiday. Angela is very sad because this is her favorite holiday. She promised to make him a Thanksgiving dinner all on her own. It won't be as good as Aunt Vas', but she'll try hard. (Maybe Aunt Vas will make an extra dinner and Angela will pretend she made it, and her mom will make an extra pie, and her brother will make an extra spanakopita... ha ha ha!)


Andy said...

Scallops St Jacques! And Kangaroo meat !! I'd have tried either if they were on the China Taste menu....I had to settle for the somewhat less exotic C-12 (Szechuan Chicken).

The degustation de la mer does look scrumptuous. I believe I hear none other than Mozart or Rossini in the background. What for dessert?



Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Hi !
Is it "Ratatouille effect" or something else?
What a wonderfull meal !
I just cooked a Chocolat cake for the dinner.... we'll see the result...

Big kiss


Papy said...

Salut Guillaume. Si je n'ai strictement rien compris aux commentaires (c'est normal, de mon temps, on apprenait que le deutch), j'ai téléchargé les personnages. Une pensée affectueuse à Angéla. Bon Christmas