Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Le velo

Guillaume was riding his bike to work yesterday. He was on Charles Street, almost at the end, near Beacon Street.

He thought his brakes were not working well, so he thought he would bounce up and down to test them. He tried it once, and the brakes worked. He tried it again, and the front of the bike turned unexpectedly, and he fell off the bike.

The bike landed on top of him. Everyone on the street stopped to watch. He said, "Oh frick", and made a bad face, and rode off quickly, looking down because he didn't want to see the face of anyone because he was embarrassed.

After Angela knew he was okay, he told the story again, and they laughed until they cried.


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Don't feel embarrassed Guillaume !
You know even the best runners can fall !!!
I would just see your embarrassed face because I love it, each time it makes me laugh.



Anonymous said...

Guillaume, I'm so glad it wasn't anything serious!!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing the story from Guillaume because I'm sure it will be very entertaining!!!


Anonymous said...

Usually, Angela takes pictures..where was our reporter for the bike accident?? be careful my son!!
And did Angela began to work on monday?? did it was so difficult as for me??
I forgot to tell you the plane, just before landing in LE CAP, a young man took the micro of the steward and ask his "fiancée" to get married whith him...of course, every passager answer :YES!!!it was so romantic!!!
Excuse my bad english; I hate irregular verbs, preterit and
Pictures from South Africa later..
Love again..Ptit'Mam'

Kenny said...

très très bon, I'm glad you chose to park where you did!