Friday, November 30, 2007

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas season is here! Angela and Guillaume decided that they would buy their Christmas tree yesterday, and decorate it last night. Guillaume thought that they should eat crepes, and drink champagne. Angela liked that very much. She wanted to listen to Christmas music, too. Guillaume thought that was a little too much, but they listened anyways. Angela sang with the music.

Guillaume wanted to go by himself (since he can drive alone now) to buy the tree. So he put on his hat,

his shoes, and his hands-free earpiece for the mobile phone.

The tree was short enough to fit in the back seat of the car.

But it was a fat tree - it's a fat fatty!

Guillaume also bought a tree stand, and had to put it together.

It didn't take too long...

And look, it works!

The lights were a little tangled up. Angela had to untangle them.

Champagne was a good idea to help with the lights.

After the lights were strung on the tree, Guillaume had the honor of placing the first ornament.

While Angela put more ornaments on the tree, Guillaume was preparing the crepes.

This is the first Christmas season crepe.

And here is the finished stack of crepes.

They enjoyed eating them while watching a movie. They decided that their Christmas tree decorating tradition will always include crepes, champagne, and Evan Almighty (even though it wasn't a great movie).

Helen painted this Christmas scene, and because Angela and Guillaume loved it so much, she gave it to them. They decided to put the Christmas tree in front of it as well.

Angela strung lights along the windows, too.
Et voila! Behold the Magic of Christmas!


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...


Your fat fatty is so cute ! with Mum we like those short and fat trees !
We don't really know if we'll have one in our new flat (we move on the 13 december), I hope !

Vive les crêpes !!!

Bisous, A plus !


Anonymous said...

Magnifique!! Mmmmm, crepes!!

Ques que vouloir dire, A+?


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

"A+" means "see you".

Anonymous said...


Love your tree, it's a cutie patootie.

Enjoy, Love the Aunt

Anonymous said...

Coucou american children!!
Your christmas tree is very nice but is it going to wait for the 24 december??
I will do mine (alone..snif, snif)towards to 15 december..This year, I will buy the smallest I will find and I think I am going to choose only one or two colours for the ornaments..I reflect to this existentiel question..
KISSES to everybody and congratulations to Helen for trying french writing..

p'tit pap said...

Je fais des essais de blog..claudia

p'tit pap said...

It is a "revelation"...I think I know how to send a comment on your anonymous...claudia

Andy said...

I enjoyed the post, especially the crepe pics which look good enough to eat. However, my computer monitor doesn't go well with strawberries.

bien, cissou...bientot, nous a parlons "mechant-bien", notre langues etranger ("Wicked-good!" as we say in Boston)