Monday, November 5, 2007

Un Jour Verte!

Today started out like any other Monday in Boston. The sun was shining. The New England Patriots football team had won another game on Sunday (they are the only undefeated team remaining in the league).

Angela woke up and had a cup of tea while reading email. Then, she went into the bedroom, and Guillaume was just awake. He may have been anticipating what was in the mail. With sleepy eyes and sleepy hair, he went downstairs to the mailbox, and came back with great news!

What is it... ?

Could it be... ?

Yes, this is it! The Green Card!

Hooray Guillaume-ah!

Also in the picture above you can see that Angela's subscription for US Weekly magazine is about to expire. What's more important?

So all in all, it's been a great Monday in Boston. The weather today was crisp and sunny, another perfect New England fall day. Angela is hoping that it doesn't get too cold too quickly, for Guillaume's sake. Boston winters can be veeerrrrrry cold! Brrrrr! But Guillaume did buy winter gloves last week to get ready.

On Thursday we are going to see the Boston Bruins play the Montreal Canadiens at the Boston Garden!

Next week, we are going to go out to dinner to celebrate Guillaume's green card. Angela wanted to go to the best restaurant in Boston, but since Guillaume works there, we'll have to go to the second best...

We hope all our friends and family near and far are well!

A tout a l'heure!


Anonymous said...

Finally! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. I want to know, what's the next best restaurant?

your mama

Andy said...

Awesome! Paris is in the hhhhouse! DONE for now with governmental paperwork?

You mean IHOP, right?? :)

Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Such good news !!!
We are very happy to know that Guillaume received the Green Card !
His face and head are so funny in the morning. maybe he can go to the hairdresser for the occasion ???

Big Kiss

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I was late for reading my 4 children's blogs..
Congratulations one more again for the green card...and congratulations to Angela for writing french..(but my dear son, no congratulation for your "waking up " look like an "épouvantail")..BISOUS.BISOUS...ptit' mam'