Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Last Step!

No matter how "official" the green card is, no matter how much work has to be done, no matter how much paperwork needs to be filed, if you do not have a driver's license, you cannot buy a glass of beer at a Red Sox game or a Bruins game. They do not accept the green card as identification. Even though there is a picture AND a fingerprint ON THE CARD.

At the Bruins game, Angela had to buy all the beer, and that meant she had to walk up and down the stairs and through the masses of people each time we (Guillaume) wanted beer. It was now VERY important that Guillaume pass his driving test, scheduled for today, Tuesday, November 13.

We woke up at 8:00 this morning, had a (very) quick cup of coffee, jumped in the shower, and got our stuff together. Angela and Guillaume both thought it would be a good idea if Angela listened to her iPod and read a magazine during the driving test so she wouldn't get nervous for Guillaume. We packed up the iPod and US Weekly magazine (of course).

We got in the car and drove to the city of Cambridge. Guillaume drove (of course). Angela thought we should stop for gas before we left Boston. Guillaume thought we would make it. On the drive, the light indicating the car was low on gas went on.

We arrived in Cambridge very early. The appointment was at 9:45, and we arrived at 9:15, so we stopped for gas. Guillaume is learning how to use the gas pumps here. At 9:20, we parked in front of the Testing building, in front of two other cars which were already parked.

The Tester, Mr. S.V.R., came over to the passenger side window and asked the name of the driver.

Guillaume said, "Mr. Guillaume Rousseau."

Mr. S.V.R. said, "WHAT?"

Guillaume repeated, "Mr. Guillaume Rousseau."

Mr. S.V.R. said, "I don't have a Masser listed."

Angela said, "No, the last name is Rousseau. He said Mister."

Mr. S.V.R. said, "Why? What? Okay, okay. You're early. Come back in 15 minutes."

As you can imagine, that made Guillaume very nervous and a little bit annoyed. We drove around the block a few times, and maybe Angela was bothering Guillaume a little bit.

At 9:45, we went back to the front of the building. A car parked in front of us, and Mr. S.V.R. got out. The driver (a teenage girl) and her mother got out of the car as well, and all three of them looked very happy.

Mr. S.V.R. walked to our car, smiling and singing. Angela got out of the front seat, and sat in the back so that Mr. S.V.R. could get in. He asked Guillaume to make "hand signals" and to tell him what he was doing. Guillaume did the three hand signals, Left, Right, Stop. Then Mr. S.V.R. got out of the car to check that all the lights and signals were working.

Angela put the iPod earbuds in her ears, and pulled out the magazine. (Britney Spears is still a mess, and Lance Armstrong is dating a strange girl.)

Mr. S.V.R. got back in the car, and told Guillaume to drive straight. So, Guillaume turned his left signal on, and carefully pulled out into the street. Mr. S.V.R. was VERY talkative, but hard to understand. Angela had to turn off the iPod because he was talking to her, too. Guillaume later said he sounded a little like the Red Sox Manager (he's very hard to understand and always has a big wad of ... something... in his mouth). Mr. S.V.R. wasn't very good at giving directions. He would vaguely point in a direction, and expect Guillaume to know that he was telling him to turn.

We drove for a couple of blocks, then Mr. S.V.R. told Guillaume to park on the side of the road. He parked on the side.

Mr. S.V.R. said, "You're on a hill." (We weren't on a hill.)

Guillaume turned the wheels correctly.

Mr. S.V.R. repeated, "You're on a hill." (We still weren't on a hill.)

Then Mr. S.V.R. tapped the emergency brake.

Guillaume said, "Oh, sorry."

Guillaume ALWAYS uses the emergency brake. ALWAYS. Even in flat parking lots. But not this time.

Mr. S.V.R. had Guillaume drive a little more, told him to be careful of a woman who looked like she maybe might have wanted to cross the street. He asked Guillaume to make a 3-point turn, and then we drove back to the Testing building.

Guillaume parked in front. Mr. S.V.R. stamped Guillaume's Learner's Permit, wrote "PASSED" and we were on our way!

On the drive home, Guillaume was cut off by the person in this black car, who was very busy chit chatting, smoking, doing a lot of things, but not driving well.

Guillaume just went to work, and Angela just got home from her appointment. Today Guillaume is going to learn about a 401(k) plan (for retirement finances) that his company will soon offer.

Today started a little rainy, but now, the sun is out. It is a good day today, even with helicopters flying over the apartment. Loudly.
Au revoir!


Cyrielle et Nicolas said...

Congratulations !!!

I know how we can be stressed by thoses "exams"...
Thank you for all the details, I love it ! It's as I was with you in the car with mister SVR !!! So cool !

Other good news: We have a shared flat in Manly (near Sydney)very close to the sea not too expensive!!!! We are so happy to.

Kisses ***


PS: There are lots of Kookai shops here, so I think about you Angela !

Andy said...
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Andy said...

Now that you're officially legally documented as all getout, can I recommend LEGAL Sea Foods as a worthy road trip :)

Poor Mr. SVR with his hill hallucinations!! Angela, remember on my first driving test they failed me cuz the parking brake didn't work? To his credit, my tester guy correctly pointed out the hill we were on...maybe I had SVR too and now he misses hilly Watertown....

Congrats, Guillaume!

ps...Sorry that was me with the deleted post earlier. I had to fix the LEGAL language. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, it was like reading a page turner mystery. I wasn't sure what the ending was going to be! Whew! Congratulations.